Core Values of Huaye Precision Moulding

Core Values of Huaye Precision Moulding

Xiamen Huaye Precision Mould Co., Ltd. is committed to “creating value for customers and winning the future for employees with high-quality products”, so we are also striving to establish the company’s core values ​​and use this as a reminder to continuously promote the company’s development.

We believes that in order to be a good company, we must be “Sensitive Innovation, Extreme Professionalism, Integrity Responsibility, Gratitude co-prosperity”. And how can we carry it out?

  1. Sensitive Innovation:

Sensitive: With the sense of smell of the hound, the sharpness of the eagle, timely insight into the rapid changes in the environment, foreseeing risks and opportunities in advance, and actively responding to future changes.

Innovation: Do not indulge in past achievements, embrace change, innovate breakthroughs, continue to create value for customers with cost-effective products and services, and become an indispensable business partner for customers. Based on the company’s existing technology precipitation, talent introduction and equipment update, it not only continuously seeks breakthroughs in new technologies, new fields, and new processes, but also leads in new thinking, new concepts, and new consciousness. We seek change but are also brave enough to take risks and learn from our failures to inject new nutrition into the next change. We will keep the company extremely competitive, and then create value for customers and the company.

  1. Extreme Professionalism:

Extreme: Never stop, strive for perfection. We hold the attitude of “There is no best, only better” for work. For the handling of all problems, we conduct in-depth investigation, analysis and resolution and strive to achieve the ultimate.

Profession: We need to be proficient in professional knowledge, strengthen professional quality, promote the “craftsman spirit”, and constantly deepen the professional depth of each person in their respective positions, and do professional things and do things professionally with a professional attitude. Treat work wholeheartedly and diligently, do our best to do our best to provide customers and society with the ultimate products and services.

  1. Integrity Responsibility:

Integrity: Whether in life or work, follow the basic principles of honesty and trustworthiness, adhere to basic professional ethics, and do not exceed the bottom line of personality and workplace for personal gain. Being a person and doing things are simple and not complicated, face the problem and solve the problem.

Responsibilities: “It’s better to sit down and act on it.” Regarding matters we follow together, we can speak freely before the resolution and will not compromise on the thorough implementation after the resolution. Regarding the things around us, we have the concept of “being responsible in my eyes”. We actively promote and do not shirk everything. Whether it is the responsibility of work or the small garbage on the ground, we have the willingness and action to take the initiative to deal with it. We shoulder the responsibility of “responsibility is no big or small, no responsibility”, face the problem squarely, face the problem, solve the problem, don’t evade, don’t shirk, don’t get lost, work hard and frankly face the result.

  1. Gratitude co-prosperity:

Gratitude: I always miss the heart of gratitude, be grateful to the society, and be grateful to all the people who help us grow. They accompany us to today and face the future. We cherish every point of giving, and achieve value with practical actions, and live up to customers and partners Trust and expectation.

Co-prosperity: We always uphold the concept of “trust and cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win”. Whether it is employees, customers, or suppliers, we hope that both parties can work closely with each other to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results on the company’s sustainable operation .


We are trying to serve customers with our core values  and it turns out to be a effective way to improve production performance.

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