Why choose us

There are plenty of injection plastic mold company in China, but why should you choose us as your cooperative partner?Here are some reasons as following:

1)We are one of the top manufacturers in injection precision plastic mold industry in China.Have been studying the field of optics for more than 10 years,we are pretty professional and worth to be trust.

2)We have a skillful and experienced designer team,a high-level project management team,a proficient and practiced production team.What’s more,the advanced processing and measuring equipments is also our core competitiveness.

3) Perfect factory management system and rigorous molding process as well as tight quality control process assures our quality conform to your requirments at most.

4) Quick response from responsible after-sales team guarantee your order to be processed in time.

5)We are in the supply chain of many international companies such as Samsung, Spectrum Brands, Honeywell and so on.And we directly supply our plastic products such as camera len components to Sunny Optical,Ofilm Optical,etc.They all have wide reputation in optic field and we do passed their audit.Our long-term cooperation reflects our products have high standard and quality assurance.