As it is known to all, customers always concern most about the quality, and  we adopt the full quality inspection process as following picture shows.We attach much importance to the quality assurance, and used high-precision measuring equipments such as VMS300,Hexagon 3D measuring instrument,etc to accord with your tolerance requirements.

Quality Assurance 03

The VMS300 is used to measure precision products and molds. It is characterized by high precision, accurate positioning, good stability and very fast running speed; it can measure any geometric size on the plane; it has a part photographing function, which can be more intuitive for comparison analysis; the software can analyze the measurement data measurement data at any time. Direct import into Word, Excel and AutoCAD for analysis.


Hexagon 3D measuring instruments of various work piece sizes, angles, shapes and positions, as well as various parameters of threaded parts, quality inspection and comparison of mechanical parts, measuring tools, tools, fixtures, mold products.

Hexagon 3D

Our quality control inspectors work closely with customers, try best to achieve the goal that we have reached a consensus before the formal order. And our management team also check on and maintain a strict standard on the quality control. All of us believe that quality is the best manifestation of our strength.

By the way, the process is totally practicable and we found it do have good effect to avoid production failure.