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As a professional injection mold manufacturer, Huaye is dedicated to providing high quality services and products to customers from all over the world. Under the deep research for more than ten years, we have always adhered to the principle of “operating in good honesty and doing with professional intergrity” . Our business philosophy is also adhered to the quality policy of “scientific management, evidence-based decision-making, process control, continuous improvement”, because we believe that only professionalism can win the trust of customers and achieve long-term good cooperation.

For many years, we have been providing customers with quality injection parts. As a direct supplier of Sunny Optical, Oufei Optics and other companies, we have accumulated tremendous advantages in the manufacture of optical lens modules, which also bring us plenty of internationally renowned end customers. In today’s global market, you can find that more than 90% of mobile phone manufacturers are using our injection molding products, including international companies such as Samsung, LG etc.

Besides optical modules, becaused of our deep mold design experience and strict quality management,we won the trust of the World Top 500-Spectrum Brands, we produce and assemble sanitary and lock products for them.

End customers of Xiamen Huaye Precision Moulding Co.,Ltd