Company Profile

Xiamen Huaye Precision Technology Co., Ltd is a leading injection precision plastic mould manufacturer located in southeastern China,Xiamen city.Established in 2008,has produced more than 10000 sets of plastic mould for over 100 companies around the world,Receptionour main business ranges from optical precision parts to sanity and medical components, earns good reputation among our loyal customers.

Huaye Precision Mould’s factory occupies totally 7000 square meters. We have more than 30 mould manufacturing machines such as Mitsubishi EDM,Roku-Roku CNC,SEIBUM WEDM,etc: With our advanced CAD/CAM, we provide great service of ” product development, mould design, mould manufacturing, injection.With ten years’ rapid development,we have expanded to quite a large company with more than 230 stuffs,involved plenty of experienced and skillful operational workers and engineers.

Since we have our own factory,the output is generally 500000pcs per week,which depends on the specific product accordingly.We are proud to say that there is a clear division of labor,there are seven departments(Administration,engieering,mold design,production,production management,quality control and sales),and they all do their job with perfect performance.For instance,we have a full process quality control management system.

That’s why we are chosen to be in the supply chain of many technology giants all over the world. They all show trust to our products because our quality not only meet their requirments,but also exceed our competitors in tolerance control as well as other aspects.

Product Catalog

Camera lens module parts

Camera Lens Module Parts

Injection smart lock parts

Injection Smart Lock Parts

Injection sanitary product parts

Injection Sanitary Product Parts

Injection medical products

Injection Medical Products

Injection precision mold

Injection Precision Mold



Measuring Equipment

Hexagon 3D-1
Hexagon 3D-2

Processing Equipment

Fanuc injection
Roku-Roku CNC
Sodick injection

Quality Assurance

AQL inspection