Mold design is a very important process in the whole mold manufacturing. A good mold designer can bring great help to the whole mold processing and product molding. Therefore, Huaye attaches great importance to this, we have a very good and experienced mold designer team.

They are mainly responsible for receiving customer product information and then using UG software for 3D design. On the basis of traditional mold design, digital design tools are applied to improve mold design quality and shorten mold design cycle.

Their main work is:

1.Feasibility analysis of the designed molds to ensure the correctness of the product drawings before the mold design, and to be familiar with the importance of each component in the entire mold,then determine the key dimensions.
2.After product analysis, designers analyzed the product to what kind of mold structure, and how to discharge, determine the content of each process, then use design software for product development,
4. After the preparation is completed, the drawing of the mold drawing can be fully entered, and a copy can be made in the preparation drawing to draw the components.
5. After the above drawings are completed, it is necessary to proofread the mold drawings, assemble all the accessories, make different layers for each different mold plate, and analyze the mold assembly on the same basis, and the products of each process. Insert the expansion diagram into the group diagram to ensure that the hole positions of the template are consistent and the clearance between the upper and lower molds of the bending position is correct.