Grinding Workshop

A grinding machine is a machine tool that grinds a workpiece surface with a grinding tool. Most of the grinding machines are ground using high-speed rotating grinding wheels, and a few are processed using other abrasives such as oilstone, abrasive belts and free abrasives.

Grinding workshop

Huaye adopts Taiwan Yuqing precision grinding machine. The front and rear slides adopt double V type, and the V3 grade motor guarantees the accuracy within 2μm. The workers with rich experience will process the work piece to meet the requirements of the mold. The entire workshop appears to be orderly.

While doing a good job in equipment management and ensuring quality and safety, scientific and meticulous planning has been carried out on key areas such as aisles, grinders and control rooms in the workshop, which not only guarantees the supply of shop rolls, but also Workshop staff created a good working environment.

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