Global mold market analysis for USA from Chinese professional plastic mold manufacturer Huaye precision mold

Global mold market analysis-USA

In the past two decades, global mold market has made a qualitative leap. And Chinese mold industry has grown rapidly with independent brands gradually entering the high-end market. Our technology updates following the world pace and that makes us one of the best among the global market.

At present, there are eight major mold countries in the world: China, Germany, America, Italy, Australia,Korea, Singapore and Japan (in no particular order). Today, we will analyze the mold advantages of each country one by one. In this article, we will introduce the mold situation in USA.

U S mold industry faces challenge

There are about 7,000 mold companies in the United States, and more than 90% of it has less than 50 employees. Due to the rapid development of industrialization, American mold industry has already become a mature and top-ranking high-tech industry. Their mold steel has implemented standardized production and supply. CAD / CAE / CAM technology is widely used in mold design and manufacturing. Advanced equipment is provided for processing technology and inspection. And their mold factories generally have the following characteristics:

(1) Staff simplification: Most of the mold companies are not in large scale, and employees’ number is generally 20-50, no more than 100. The personnel allocation is very streamlined in the company, and their staffs will take potentials to do as much as they can.
(2) Specialization and accurate product positioning: Most mold factories determine their product and market positioning according to the mold needs. In order to beat in market competition, they develop their own superior technology and products, and all adopt specialized production methods. They not only have regular mold customers, but also other mold cooperated manufacturers around.
(3) Advanced IT system to achieve integrated management: Some large mold companies have basically implemented computer management.  Each departments can share information through the networks in the company.
(4) Advanced process management and high standardization: US mold manufacturers rely on advanced process equipment and route to ensure the accuracy and progress. The progressive technology and management play an extremely important role in promoting the precision mold development and bring good economical benefits.

Although US mold is pretty advanced,however, since the 1990s, the US economy has faced big challenges as well as strong international competition in the post-industrial era. German,Italy and Japan mold has nearly the same quality and Chinese mold is more cost-efficient.

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