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Global Mold Market Analysis-Italy

In the past two decades, global mold market has made a qualitative leap. And Chinese mold industry has grown rapidly with independent brands gradually entering the high-end market. Our technology updates following the world pace and that makes us one of the best among the global market.

At present, there are eight major mold countries in the world: China, Germany, America, Italy, Australia,Korea, Singapore and Japan (in no particular order). Today, we will analyze the mold advantages of each country one by one. In this article, we will introduce the mold situation in Italy.

High Quality Italian Mold

Italian companies’ mold technology level is top-ranking in the world. In those mold manufacturers, CAD / CAE / CAM, high-speed cutting processing technology, rapid prototyping technology and molding technology have become commonly used technologies. And there are some advantages of these advanced technologies.

1. The widespread application of CAD / CAE / CAM shows the superiority of promote the mold industry by using information technology.

In the application of CAD, it has gone beyond the initial stage of the drawing board and two-dimensional drawing. At present, 3D design has reached 70% to 89%. PRO / E, UG, CIMATRON and other software is also very popular. They can not only complete 2D design, but also 3D models, which provides a guarantee for the integration of NC programming and CAD / CAM. With 3D design, they can check assembly interference to ensure the feasibility of techniques while designing. And CNC machine guarantees the machining accuracy and mold part quality.

CAE technology is pretty mature in Italy. It is used in the injection mold design to simulate the die process of plastics, analyze the cooling process and predict the defects that may occur during the molding process. The role of CAE is becoming more important and efficient. For example, the Italian COMAU company applied it to cut more than 50% die trial time.

2. In order to shorten the molding cycle and improve market competitiveness, high-speed cutting processing technology is generally used.

It is mainly characterized by high cutting speed, feed speed, and processing quality. The process efficiency is even ten times higher than the traditional cutting processes. At present, Italian mold companies widely use CNC high-speed milling in production which can greatly reduce the molding time. After high-speed milling and finishing, the mold surface just need a little polishing to be used, saving lots of time for grinding and polishing. Italian mold companies attach great importance to technological progress and equipment update. Equipment depreciation period is normally 4 to 5 years. Increasing the number of CNC high-speed milling machines is one of the focus of equipment investment for mold companies.

3. Rapid prototyping and molding technology are widely used due to the increasingly fierce market competition.

At Western mold exhibitions in Italy or other countries, rapid prototyping and molding technology plays an important role. There are various types of rapid prototyping equipment such as SLA, SLS, FDM, and LOM. And there are also agencies and companies that provide prototype manufacturing services . Many Italian mold companies use rapid prototyping and molding technology for mold manufacturing, that is, making the prototype of product by using this technology and then quickly mold based on the prototype. Many plastic mold manufacturers use it to make some silicone rubber molds, which is very suitable for the trial production. The Italian plastics and rubber processing machinery and mold manufacturing industry is one of the 10 specialized industries of the Italian Machinery Manufacturing Alliance. It owns more than 500 European patents, with a high degree of specialization, leading technology and diverse products. It also provides customers with a variety of value-added services.

Italian mold companies have annual sales per capital of more than $ 100,000 according to the relevant information. At the same time, the export destination of Italian plastics and rubber processing machinery and mold products is still dominated by the European Union, with the export value accounting for 47% of the total export share. Italian mold companies have advanced technology as well as management, and the large, precise and complex molds they produce have played an extremely important role in promoting the development of the automotive, electronics, communications, home appliances and other industries, and have also brought good economic benefits.

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