Global mold market analysis of Australia from Chinese professional plastic mold supplier

Global mold market analysis-Australia

In the past two decades, global mold market has made a qualitative leap. And Chinese mold industry has grown rapidly with independent brands gradually entering the high-end market. Our technology updates following the world pace and that makes us one of the best among the global market.

At present, there are eight major mold countries in the world: China, Germany, America, Italy, Australia,Korea, Singapore and Japan (in no particular order). Today, we will analyze the mold advantages of each country one by one. In this article, we will introduce the mold situation in Australia.


Australian Mold Industry Is Developing

Australia’s economy has developed rapidly in recent years, and it will continue to grow in the coming years. However, the mold manufacturing industry cannot keep up with the needs of economic development. So it is urgent for them to import mold manufacturing technologies and capabilities from abroad. And China’s mold industry has a great advantage in this regard. Then the outlook of mold market is promising.

The specific analysis is as follows: The technical equipment level of Chinese mold companies is higher than that of Australia. China has complete mold design and manufacturing technicians and programmers, skilled CNC machine tool operators, fitter assembly and mold commissioning personnel. China’s labor wage level is lower than Australia. It currently has the ability to manufacture precision molds. The company’s production capacity is more than 200 to 400 sets of large and medium-sized molds per year, and its equipment load is not high, and it is fully capable of manufacturing molds for Australia.

Most of the software used in the design and manufacture of Australian molds are ug, pro-e, catia and euclid, which are almost the same as those used in Chinese mold companies. CAE analysis software and simulation molding analysis software also have similarities between two countries. This has provided us with good conditions for China-Australia cooperation. The Australian Mold Association, the Adelaide Mold Office, and the Melbourne Mold Association all have great hopes for the Chinese mold market and manufacturing companies. This will create favorable conditions for China to export molds to Australia.

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