EDM Workshop

EDM is a kind of special processing technology, widely used in mold manufacturing and machining industries. EDM can be used to machine ultra-hard materials and complex-shaped work pieces that are difficult with conventional cutting methods.

They are commonly used to machine conductive materials and can be processed on difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium alloys, tool steels, carbon steels and hard alloys with complex cavities or contours.

EDM workshop

The EDM processing is designed for mold work pieces with various complex structures and special process requirements, which are not affected by the hardness of the work piece material and the heat treatment condition. Under the operation of skilled operator, the tool electrode moves relative to the work piece, and various complicated profiles, narrow slits and the like are processed. Huaye’s EDM department equipment has a total of 6 Mitsubishi EDM machines, the highest processing accuracy of up to 3μm, to ensure the accuracy of the mold.

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