Coating machine

In addition to mold processing and plastic product molding, we also provide products and mold coating services. For this purpose, we have established Yaoyun Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. to make optical film design, optical film foundry, production of filters and IR stickers as main products. Our service team has more than 20 years’ optical experience.

The main equipments include Taiwan Longpian coating machine and Japanese design automatic development, integrated lens coating, lower mold production, tonic injection molding, IR production, IR fitting one-stop service. At the same time, we use advanced vacuum coating technology.

Vacuum coating is an important aspect of vacuum applications. It is based on vacuum technology, using physical or chemical methods, and absorbing electron beam, molecular beam, ion beam, plasma beam, radio frequency and magnetic control. Scientific research and actual production provide a new process for film preparation. Briefly, a metal, alloy or compound is evaporated or sputtered in a vacuum to solidify and deposit on a coated object.

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