Core Values of Huaye Precision Moulding

Core Values of Huaye Precision Moulding

Xiamen Huaye Precision Mould Co., Ltd. is committed to “creating value for customers and winning the future for employees with high-quality products”, so we are also striving to establish the company’s core values ​​and use this as a reminder to continuously promote the company’s development.

We believes that in order to be a good company, we must be “Sensitive Innovation, Extreme Professionalism, Integrity Responsibility, Gratitude co-prosperity”. And how can we carry it out?

  1. Sensitive Innovation:

Sensitive: With the sense of smell of the hound, the sharpness of the eagle, timely insight into the rapid changes in the environment, foreseeing risks and opportunities in advance, and actively responding to future changes.

Innovation: Do not indulge in past achievements, embrace change, innovate breakthroughs, continue to create value for customers with cost-effective products and services, and become an indispensable business partner for customers. Based on the company’s existing technology precipitation, talent introduction and equipment update, it not only continuously seeks breakthroughs in new technologies, new fields, and new processes, but also leads in new thinking, new concepts, and new consciousness. We seek change but are also brave enough to take risks and learn from our failures to inject new nutrition into the next change. We will keep the company extremely competitive, and then create value for customers and the company.

  1. Extreme Professionalism:

Extreme: Never stop, strive for perfection. We hold the attitude of “There is no best, only better” for work. For the handling of all problems, we conduct in-depth investigation, analysis and resolution and strive to achieve the ultimate.

Profession: We need to be proficient in professional knowledge, strengthen professional quality, promote the “craftsman spirit”, and constantly deepen the professional depth of each person in their respective positions, and do professional things and do things professionally with a professional attitude. Treat work wholeheartedly and diligently, do our best to do our best to provide customers and society with the ultimate products and services.

  1. Integrity Responsibility:

Integrity: Whether in life or work, follow the basic principles of honesty and trustworthiness, adhere to basic professional ethics, and do not exceed the bottom line of personality and workplace for personal gain. Being a person and doing things are simple and not complicated, face the problem and solve the problem.

Responsibilities: “It’s better to sit down and act on it.” Regarding matters we follow together, we can speak freely before the resolution and will not compromise on the thorough implementation after the resolution. Regarding the things around us, we have the concept of “being responsible in my eyes”. We actively promote and do not shirk everything. Whether it is the responsibility of work or the small garbage on the ground, we have the willingness and action to take the initiative to deal with it. We shoulder the responsibility of “responsibility is no big or small, no responsibility”, face the problem squarely, face the problem, solve the problem, don’t evade, don’t shirk, don’t get lost, work hard and frankly face the result.

  1. Gratitude co-prosperity:

Gratitude: I always miss the heart of gratitude, be grateful to the society, and be grateful to all the people who help us grow. They accompany us to today and face the future. We cherish every point of giving, and achieve value with practical actions, and live up to customers and partners Trust and expectation.

Co-prosperity: We always uphold the concept of “trust and cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win”. Whether it is employees, customers, or suppliers, we hope that both parties can work closely with each other to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results on the company’s sustainable operation .


We are trying to serve customers with our core values  and it turns out to be a effective way to improve production performance.

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6S principles introduction for company development

6S Principles Introduction

6S principles introduction for company development

6S principles introduction for company development

5S is a workplace organization method that uses a list of five Japanese words: seiri , seiton , seisō , seiketsu , and shitsuke . These have been translated as “Sort”, “Set In order”, “Shine”, “Standardize” and “Sustain”.The list describes how to organize a work space for efficiency and effectiveness by identifying and storing the items used, maintaining the area and items, and sustaining the new order. The decision-making process usually comes from a dialogue about standardization, which builds understanding among employees of how they should do the work.In some quarters, 5S has become 6S principles, the sixth element being safety(Safe).


More information in the official wiki page:







Xiamen Huaye Precision Moulding also adopt the 6S principles and strive for building a high-level Quality Management System. Here introduce the principles respectively and specifically.

The role is: “standardized on-site management, deployment of daily work, identification of materials placement, neatness of factory management, regularization of personnel quality, and normalization of safety management.”

1. Sort (SEIRI)-Distinguish any items in the workplace as necessary and unnecessary, save the necessary, eliminate the rest.

Purpose: To free up and make use of the space, to prevent misusing tools.

2. Set in order (SEITON)-Place the necessary items left in accordance with the prescribed position, and place them neatly and mark them.

Purpose: The workplace can be seen at a glance, save time to find items, eliminate excessive backlog of items and creat a neat working environment.

3. Shine(SEISO)-Place the items in the workplace as required, and standardize management according to the requirements of the enterprise.

Purpose: To stabilize quality and reduce industrial injury.

4. Standardize (SEIKETSU)-Maintain the above 3S results.

Purpose: To creat a clean workshop.

5. Sustain (SHITSUKE)-Each member develops good habits, observes the rules to do things, and cultivates a proactive spirit.

Purpose: To cultivate employees who have good habits and abide by the rules, and build a team spirit.

6. Security (SECURITY)-attaches great importance to the safety education of all employees, every moment has a first concept of safety, to prevent it.

Purpose: To establish a safe production environment, all work should be established on the premise of safety.

6S principles introduction for company development

6S principles introduction for company development

We are trying to strictly follow the 6S principles in our factory and it turns out to be a effective way to improve our production performance and it also shows our strength to the customers.

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Manufacturing Industry

The Impact of COVID-19 on Manufacturing Industry

The COVID-19 outbreak is out of everyone‘s expectation and it is still spreading worldwide. Thanks to Chinese government timely and effective measures, most Chinese factories have got back to work. According to news reports,  they interviewed multiple manufacturing companies and found a fact under this severe epidemic. World manufacturing industry is facing a big problem as following (1)Insufficient number of workers,(2)Limited logistics,(3)Raw material supply issues and so on.


Chinese factory get over with tough situation

Chinese factory get over with tough situation

How much does the COVID-19 affect manufacturing?

At present, two main effects are the number of returning employees and the limited logistics. Although major logistics companies have been already in operation, the transportation of raw materials needs more time than usual due to the severe situation.

Our country had already taken “early detection, early isolation” prevented measures. Such measures had affected the flow and activities of reworked people across the country to a certain extent, thereby maybe generating a butterfly effect, which in turn affects the logistic speed. And because of the untimely raw material supply and insufficient labor, it will make a huge impact on industrial production.

Under this kind of situation, how do the companies protect themselves?

The first thing is to enhance communication with their suppliers and speed up the supply of raw materials. The second is to strictly implement the daily disinfection of returning personnel, measure body temperature when they get in and out. With strict registration policy and control measures, the company can report itself to avoid unnecessary infection.

Xiamen Huaye Precision Moulding prepare to face any kinds of problems, and still provide high-precision and professional molding service during the special period. We know Spring is always coming indeed, just believe and make life brighter!

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2019 Year-end Party of Huaye Precision Mould

2019 Year-End Party“Get higher and higher”

On the evening of January 10, 2020, Xiamen Huaye Precision Mould Co., Ltd held the Year-end party for employees at Xiamen Xinglinwan Hotel. Chairman Mr.Huang, general manager Mr.Wang and related leaders of various departments took more than 200 employees to participate this party and celebrate the harvest year of 2019.

Bid farewell to 2019 with great achievements, we will usher in 2020 with more opportunities. On the occasion of the coming Spring Festival, Huaye Precision Mould is here to wish everyone Happy New Chinese Year and all the best in advance.


Thanks for the support and help of all customers and partners in the past year. In the new year, we will continue to get higher and higher.

Manager Wang made a speech and wished everyone enjoy good food and have fun tonight.And he encouraged them not forget to work hard next year.

Manager made speech in the year-end party

Chairman Huang gave a speech and thanked all the employees for their hard work and contributions to the company as well as the honor guests.


Chairman gave speech in the year-end party

Huaye has many excellent and talented employees, they have prepared some interesting performance including dancing and opusculum. That brings a lot of joy and make this party more in New Year’s feeling.

Wonderful performance in the year-end party

After watching so many wonderful performances, but there seems to be something missing in the annual meeting? By the way, that is the lucky draw. The company has provided a rich cash reward and everyone has a chance to win the prize. Looking at the happiness on the face of the winners, congratulations on their prizes.

Prize winner in the year-end party

Thanks to Huaye Precision Mold, we have this opportunity to celebrate the Spring Festival together. There are many employees who have accompanied Huaye through the ups and downs, and supported our company all the time. They deserve great praise and rewards. Therefore, Huaye specially awarded gold medals to the old employees who have worked for ten years. This is an affirmation of their loyalty and a return to them.

Ten years and outstanding employees

In the past year, many employees have performed well in their respective positions and dedicated themselves. The company has also selected three outstanding employees and awarded them bonuses.

With the interlacing of laughter and support, our year-end party is gradually coming to an end. Thanks to all the friends who have prepared for it. Thank you for all Huaye colleagues who participated in it. It is your hard work that will allow us to reap the present fruits.

New Year, New Hope, Let’s go for it together!!!