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The Importance of Design For Manufacturability

In the Wikipedia, here is the introduction of  DFM(Design For Manufacturability): Design for manufacturability (also sometimes known as design for manufacturing or DFM) is the general engineering practice of designing products in such a way that they are easy to manufacture. The concept exists in almost all engineering disciplines, but the implementation differs widely depending on the manufacturing technology. DFM describes […]

How to improve the stress mark in plastic molded products

We often see some shiny stress marks on the surface of plastic molded products and the raw materials such as ABS, PP, PC. There are several kinds of stress marks: thimble stress marks, insert stress marks, and wall thickness difference stress marks. But do you know how do they form? These apparently bright and white traces are the result of internal stress, which includes the  orientation […]

Plastic Injection Mold Classification

There are many kinds of mold classification, we can divide the mold into four different types: Mold Hardness, Quality, Difficulty and Size. Mold Hardness: Soft mold, Hard mold 1) Soft mold: The mold steel is pre-hardened without requiring quenching treatment, but the hardness is low and the HB is below 400. The mold life is within 500,000 times, and […]

How to improve the Mold Life

To improve the mold quality, it is necessary to select materials reasonably, and adopt the corresponding heat treatment process and optimized processing technology for different materials, which can improve the manufacturing accuracy and service life of the mold and avoid the early failure of the mold. This article is mainly to analyze the factors that […]

Plastic Injection Mold Maintenance

As the most important part for the injection molded products, injection molds are directly related to the product quality. Moreover, since the mold occupies a large proportion of the cost of the injection processing, its service life also affects the product price. Therefore, improving the quality, maintaining them well and prolonging their life is very […]