2019 Year-end Party of Huaye Precision Mould

2019 Year-End Party“Get higher and higher”

On the evening of January 10, 2020, Xiamen Huaye Precision Mould Co., Ltd held the Year-end party for employees at Xiamen Xinglinwan Hotel. Chairman Mr.Huang, general manager Mr.Wang and related leaders of various departments took more than 200 employees to participate this party and celebrate the harvest year of 2019.

Bid farewell to 2019 with great achievements, we will usher in 2020 with more opportunities. On the occasion of the coming Spring Festival, Huaye Precision Mould is here to wish everyone Happy New Chinese Year and all the best in advance.


Thanks for the support and help of all customers and partners in the past year. In the new year, we will continue to get higher and higher.

Manager Wang made a speech and wished everyone enjoy good food and have fun tonight.And he encouraged them not forget to work hard next year.

Manager made speech in the year-end party

Chairman Huang gave a speech and thanked all the employees for their hard work and contributions to the company as well as the honor guests.


Chairman gave speech in the year-end party

Huaye has many excellent and talented employees, they have prepared some interesting performance including dancing and opusculum. That brings a lot of joy and make this party more in New Year’s feeling.

Wonderful performance in the year-end party

After watching so many wonderful performances, but there seems to be something missing in the annual meeting? By the way, that is the lucky draw. The company has provided a rich cash reward and everyone has a chance to win the prize. Looking at the happiness on the face of the winners, congratulations on their prizes.

Prize winner in the year-end party

Thanks to Huaye Precision Mold, we have this opportunity to celebrate the Spring Festival together. There are many employees who have accompanied Huaye through the ups and downs, and supported our company all the time. They deserve great praise and rewards. Therefore, Huaye specially awarded gold medals to the old employees who have worked for ten years. This is an affirmation of their loyalty and a return to them.

Ten years and outstanding employees

In the past year, many employees have performed well in their respective positions and dedicated themselves. The company has also selected three outstanding employees and awarded them bonuses.

With the interlacing of laughter and support, our year-end party is gradually coming to an end. Thanks to all the friends who have prepared for it. Thank you for all Huaye colleagues who participated in it. It is your hard work that will allow us to reap the present fruits.

New Year, New Hope, Let’s go for it together!!!


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